Special Offers

Special Offers

Rotating Lines and Number Fans are currently on special offer.  They're fantastic to use for whole-class, small group and individual work.

 And we're still offering free trials of our online maths support program 123maths.co.uk

Number Rotating Line

20 printed blocks which rotate individually through 360 degrees and locks at 90 degree intervals. 

Individual pupil version: Size 43x12cm

Perfect for all basic number work.

Product Code: ROTNS
Price: NOW £3.00 (previously £6.95 RRP £9.97)

Maths Fan, 10 petal, 0 - 9

Ten petal number fan, containing the digits 0 - 9. 

Product Code: NF01
Price: Now 60p each (previously 99p RRP £1.25)