Special Offers

Special Offers

Our Bundles offer a great discount on buying the items individually!  Also, Rotating Lines and Number Fans are currently on special offer.  They're fantastic to use for whole-class, small group and individual work.

And we're still offering free trials of our online maths support program 123maths.co.uk

123 Learning Books Bundle

A complete set of 123 Learning books.  This bundle consists of one of each book: - Plus 1, Power of 2, Perform with Time and Perform with Times Tables.

Product Code: BKBUN
Price: £69.00

Power of 2 Bundle

Power of 2 Bundle contains: A Power of 2 book, Maths Snap cards, Division Snap Plus cards, a multiplication and division Flexitable, one small bead-string, a number fan, an A5 Hundred Square board, a 0-20 Number Line, 0-100 Number Line, dry-wipe pen and 2 dice.

Product Code: BUNP2
Price: £34.99

Plus 1 Bundle (A)

Plus 1 Bundle contains:  Plus 1 book, My First Brainbox, a 0-9 Number Fan, My First Number Snap cards, a 0-20 Number Line, an A4 Grid/Blank whiteboard, an addition/subtraction Flexitable, a dry-wipe pen, a small bead-string and 2 dice.

Product Code: BUP1A
Price: £32.99

Times Tables Bundle

Revised Oct 2020. 

Times Table Bundle contains: Perform with Times Tables, Times Tables snap cards, Brainbox Maths, a multiplication and division Flexitable, an A4 multiplication square and a pen.

Product Code: BUTTA
Price: £29.99

Plus 1 Bundle

Plus 1 Bundle contains:  Plus 1 book, Your Number's Up!, My First Number Snap cards, a 0-10 Number Line, an A4 Hundred Square, a dry-wipe pen, a small bead-string, a 0-9 Number Fan and 2 dice.

Product Code: BUNP1
Price: £29.99

Fractions Bundle (A)

Fractions Bundle contains:  Fraction Action Snap, Fraction Fundamentals Snap, Equivalent Fraction Snap, a number fan, a percentage Flexitable, a Fraction/Decimal/Percentage rotating line, an A4 Grid/blank whiteboard and dry-wipe pen.

Product Code: BUFRA
Price: £19.99

Lampogo 3

Designed to build mathematical confidence and speed.  Lampogo is perfect to practice maths in a fun and social way. 

The puzzles are mathematically rich: you can solve them through trial and improvement or by using strategies and reasoning. Lampogo 3's puzzles are visual and accessible. Play competitively, collaboratively or solo.

Recommended by National Numeracy


Product Code: LP3
Price: £14.99

Number Rotating Line

20 printed blocks which rotate individually through 360 degrees and locks at 90 degree intervals. 

Individual pupil version: Size 43x12cm

Perfect for all basic number work.

Product Code: ROTNS
Price: NOW £3.00 (previously £6.95 RRP £9.97)

Starter Bundle

This 'starter' bundle consists of an A4 Plain Whiteboard, A5 Hundred Square, Pen, Pack 100 Counters, Number-line 1-100, Clock, Multiplication/Division Flexitable and a 9mm 20 bead string.

Great to use alongside 123 Learning books.

Product Code: STBUN
Price: £10.99

Perform with Time Bundle

Revised March 2018

Time Bundle contains:  A copy of Perform with Time, an A5 clock with movable hands, Tell the Time snap cards, an A4 Grid/blank whiteboard and a dry-wipe pen.

Product Code: BUNTI
Price: £22.99

Maths Fan, 10 petal, Blank

Special offer!

Ten petal number fan, blank on both side.  You can customise this fan with a permanent or dry-wipe marker. 

Product Code: NF04
Price: NOW 60p each (previously 99p RRP £1.25)