As part of our latest bid to the EEF for an Independent study into our books and online program, Nottingham Trent University looked at the data for those schools who have used 123 Learning's books.  

The school-level analysis suggests that using the ‘Plus 1’ and ‘Power of 2’ coaching manuals is improving attainment (and by implication progress) of children in maths.

The results suggest that those schools using Power of 2 show higher levels of maths attainment than those which do not, in 6 key school performance measures:

  • percentage reaching expected standard in reading, writing, maths
  • percentage achieving high score in reading, writing, maths
  • percentage reaching expected standard in maths
  • percentage achieving high score in maths
  • average scaled score in maths
  • percentage reaching expected standard in maths: Teacher Assessment

The significance is to a 99% confidence limit.  You can download the document here.


The Irish charity has evaluated their use of the Plus 1 and Power of 2 books.  This can be seen in this document.

Would you like to see an Independent Study?

We've put in 2 bids to the Education Endowment Foundation for an Independent Study, but both bids were turned down.  Please contact the EEF and mention our name  - it may well help when we next put in a bid!

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