About us

Our aim is to provide resources that enable everyone to succeed with maths.  We've been established around 20 years and are proud that our books have been used in over 6000 schools in the UK and overseas.

Orders and enquiries can be placed by telephone, email, in the post or via this website. 

And you can get in touch if you've any queries or questions about our products... we enjoy chatting to you about them.  And there's definitely no hard sell.



Who should use 123 Learning?

123 Learning is ideal for anyone who benefits from repeated maths practice: all the books are designed to appeal to all age ranges and have been used from age 5, right up to adult basic skill provision.  People with dyscalculia have derived learning benefits from the highly structured approach and clear explanations contained. Employer groups, adult education providers and the prison service have also reported benefits from the use of the books, and dyslexic students have also benefitted from the clear language used and repetition training framework.  For this reason, people who have English as an Additional Language benefit hugely from its clear structure.

123 Learning is based on the teaching of practical numeracy in formats that are conducive to learning.  The process begins with number bonds to 10, and then moves on to introducing doubling, halving, addition and subtraction, rounding numbers, multiplying and dividing, before introducing fractions and worded problems such as telling the time.  As 123 Learning covers all the aspects of mental maths needed for the new Mathematics Curriculum it is of direct benefit to schooling, but also the development of real life numeracy skills.

The Power of 2 book has it's title because of the proven success of 2 people working together. The books stem from the need of some people to have more reinforcement and practice than is often available. On each page of the book there is a "script" for the coach to read, or this could be read by the student. The coach is someone who works alongside the student and supports their learning.