Maths fun - Snap and Pairs cards

Great packs of cards that are great fun and value for money. They are ideal to use alongside our books and have become a real favourite with our customers.

'My First' Snap Cards Bundle

Great to help with basic maths. Save 12% - 5 packs of snap cards. Includes: My First Number Snap, My First Times Tables, My First UK Money, My First Addition Snap and My First Subtraction snap.

Product Code: SBMF
Price: £17.50

Maths Snap Cards Bundle

Selection of Math snap cards - Save 12% - 6 packs of snap cards.  Includes: Four Function Snap, Maths Snap, Times Tables Snap, My First UK Money, Tell the Time Snap and Fraction Fundamentals.

Product Code: SBM
Price: £20.90

Fractions Snap Cards Bundle

Great helping with Fractions. Save 13% - 3 packs of snap cards.  Includes: Fraction Action Snap, Equivalent Fractions and Fractions Fundamentals Snap.

Product Code: SBF
Price: £10.25

Times Tables Snap

Players match times table equivalents.

For example 5×4 matches 10×2. The perfect game to help anyone master times tables.

Product Code: SNTAB
Price: £3.95

Times Tables Plus Snap

New - Snap Cards -  helps pupils to learn their times tables in the higher number range.

These cards work with times tables right through to 12, asking them to snap 12 x 6 with 9 x 8 or 72.

Product Code: SNTTP
Price: £3.95

Tell the Time Snap

Players improve their time-telling skills by matching different times shown in different formats. For example 6pm matches 18:00.

Product Code: SNTIM
Price: £3.95

Maths Snap

Players match maths equivalents.  For example 24-12 matches 6×2.

Product Code: SNMAT
Price: £3.95

Fraction Action Snap

Players match fraction equivalents. For example 1/2 matches 50%.

Product Code: SNFRA
Price: £3.95

Four Function Snap

This is a great set of pairs and snap cards to accompany our Power of 2 book or use as a fun activity to practice maths skills.  The four functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are used. For example 6+15 = 3×7

Product Code: SNFFS
Price: £3.95

My First Division

This new Snap and Pairs title helps learn early division facts.  Match equivalents such as 4 divided by 2 and 20 divided by 10.

This pack covers the 1, 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Product Code: SNFDV
Price: £3.95

Division Snap

Snap and Pairs cards to help reinforce division facts.  Match equivalents such as 8 divided by 4 and 12 divided by 6.  This pack covers the 3, 4, 6 and 8 times tables. 

Product Code: SNDIV
Price: £3.95

My First Times Tables Snap

In this Snap and Pairs game players must match multiplication sums covering 5 and 10 times tables, for example 5×2 matches 1×10.

Product Code: SNFTT
Price: £3.95

Division Snap Plus

Snap and Pairs cards to help reinforce division facts with the more challenging times tables.  Match equivalents such as 49 divided by 7 and 63 divided by 9.

This pack covers the 7, 9, 11 and 12 times tables.

Product Code: SNDVP
Price: £3.95

My First UK Money Snap

A fun game which helps to improve numeracy skills.  Players match coins and values up to £2.  For example £1 matches 2×50p

Product Code: SNMON
Price: £3.95

Equivalent Fractions Snap

Snap those cards whose fractions are equal.  This set uses denominators up to 32.

Product Code: SNEF
Price: £3.95

Fraction Fundamentals Snap

Helping learn about the fundamentals of working with fractions, how they relate to decimals, percentages and part of a whole unit. Pair matching answers, for example 0.5, 50%

Product Code: SNFUN
Price: £3.95

My First Addition Snap

Great resource to help grasp early addition.  Snap cards with matching answers, for example 6 + 2 with 4 + 4

Product Code: SNMFA
Price: £3.95

My First Subtraction Snap

Great for strengthening early subtraction skills.  

For example, they will snap cards with matching answers, like 5-2 with 10 - 7

Product Code: SNSUB
Price: £3.95

My First Number Snap

In this game, players match numbers, words and images from zero through to ten. A useful game which helps to improve number skills.

Product Code: SNNUM
Price: £3.95