Maths Fun - Snap and Pairs Cards

Great packs of cards that are great fun and value for money. They are ideal to use alongside our books and have become a real favourite with our customers.

'My First' Snap Cards Bundle

Great to help with basic maths. Save 12% - 5 packs of snap cards. Includes: My First Number Snap, My First Times Tables, My First UK Money, My First Addition Snap and My First Subtraction snap.

Product Code: SBMF
Price: £17.50

Maths Snap Cards Bundle

Selection of Math snap cards - Save 12% - 6 packs of snap cards.  Includes: Four Function Snap, Maths Snap, Times Tables Snap, My First UK Money, Tell the Time Snap and Fraction Action Snap.

Product Code: SBM
Price: £20.90

Times Tables Snap

Players match times table equivalents.

For example 5×4 matches 10×2. The perfect game to help anyone master times tables.

Product Code: SNTAB
Price: £3.95

Times Tables Plus Snap

New - Snap Cards -  helps pupils to learn their times tables in the higher number range.

These cards work with times tables right through to 12, asking them to snap 12 x 6 with 9 x 8 or 72.

Product Code: SNTTP
Price: £3.95

Tell the Time Snap

Players improve their time-telling skills by matching different times shown in different formats. For example 6pm matches 18:00.

Product Code: SNTIM
Price: £3.95

Maths Snap

Players match maths equivalents.  For example 24-12 matches 6×2.

Product Code: SNMAT
Price: £3.95

Fraction Action Snap

Players match fraction equivalents. For example 1/2 matches 50%.

Product Code: SNFRA
Price: £3.95

Four Function Snap

This is a great set of pairs and snap cards to accompany our Power of 2 book or use as a fun activity to practice maths skills.  The four functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are used. For example 6+15 = 3×7

Product Code: SNFFS
Price: £3.95

My First Times Tables Snap

In this Snap and Pairs game players must match multiplication sums covering 5 and 10 times tables, for example 5×2 matches 1×10.

Product Code: SNFTT
Price: £3.95

My First UK Money Snap

A fun game which helps to improve numeracy skills.  Players match coins and values up to £2.  For example £1 matches 2×50p

Product Code: SNMON
Price: £3.95

Equivalent Fractions Snap

Snap those cards whose fractions are equal.  This set uses denominators up to 32.

Product Code: SNEF
Price: £3.95

My First Addition Snap

Great resource to help grasp early addition.  Snap cards with matching answers, for example 6 + 2 with 4 + 4

Product Code: SNMFA
Price: £3.95

My First Subtraction Snap

Great for strengthening early subtraction skills.  

For example, they will snap cards with matching answers, like 5-2 with 10 - 7

Product Code: SNSUB
Price: £3.95

My First Number Snap

In this game, players match numbers, words and images from zero through to ten. A useful game which helps to improve number skills.

Product Code: SNNUM
Price: £3.95

Our great maths cards games are ideal to play at home and school. These maths cards are all fun, exciting games to play in classrooms and at home. They're used at home and in Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. These versatile card games are brilliant for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and will improve numeracy skills.