Online maths help - is a proven online learning tool.  It works in the same way as our books.  Well, not exactly the same way of course, but it uses the same principle, that some people benefit from more practice than others.   It gives access to each of our 'books'  and it teaches all the building blocks of number. 

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  - you can take a free trial and see what it's all about!

What does do?

It makes it easy to make progress with maths.  Users will have their own unique username and password.  The program records their progress, and gives highly structured practice to develop their skills.  It requires that they get a question correct on 3 consecutive occasions.

Why is it good for schools?

Schools, or rather a person in a school, will get a username and password.  They will be able to allocate the users, see reports about progress and keep an eye on how things are going.  Click here to download draft Letter to Parents (Microsoft Word).

Does it work?

Yes.  The most effective things are often the simplest.  It's not got flashy graphics, or super-duper shoot-em-up games, but our trials show that users really do enjoy doing it.  And it works!  Users are able to see the progress they're making.  It is very early days for the program, but it's based on our successful book - and they work!

Who is it suitable for and what topics does it cover? is ideal for anyone who benefits from repeated maths practice.  It gives access to each of our books... if you're not familiar with them, have a look at the books and it should give you a feel for what's included. 

How is used?

There are full instructions on the 123maths website.  Schools can take a FREE 30-day trial for up to 10 users.

Parents can take a free 10-day trial.  

We're very happy for you to contact us if you have any queries - we really like to get your feedback! 

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