Key Stage 3 Biology Science Workbook

An innovative workbook designed to engage students with the content. Each topic is covered by one page of questions accompanied by a downloadable Student Answer Sheet for students to stick into their exercise books.

Example Workbook Questions:

Example Workbook Question

The gapped Student Answer Sheets prompt learners to use the information contained in the workbook to answer the questions posed. They help students layout their work and engage with the material.

Example Student Answer Sheet

Example Student Answer Sheet

How to use the book

  1. Delivery lesson: print out the required Student Answer Sheet from Use the suggested lesson outline slide from ( or your normal method to introduce the topic. Handout the physical workbook so that the students can complete their Answer Sheets as the teacher assists. Use the pdf answer file for students to self check before the end of the lesson.
  2. Revision lesson: handout the physical workbook so that the students can complete their Answer Sheets as the teacher assists.
  3. Homework: print the page of the Workbook required and the Student Answer Sheet Next to each other on A3 paper.

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Next Page Science Key Stage 3

Next Page Science KS3 is a textbook with a difference. It covers all of key stage 3 science in one book: biology, chemistry and physics. It is written in an explanatory style with a ready-made comprehension exercise on the ‘next page’ to the text. It provides full coverage of the curriculum that all abilities can access. The sequential comprehension questions mean students know to read a little further for the next answer: they enjoy this positive feedback and engage with the content.

The additional tasks edition also has questions designed to:

  • Consolidate content and important relationships
  • Reinforce vocabulary
  • Practise graph plotting skills
  • Stretch ideas further
  • Provoke thought and discussion

Print (from ) or photocopy the question sheet you require for completing and sticking into the student’s exercise books.

Question sheets are available in two formats: comprehension only or comprehension and additional tasks.

Use the PowerPoint from  or your own method to introduce the topic.

Students follow up by completing their question sheets using the text book.

Answers can be self checked before the end of the lesson using the pdf file available from

Word searches available for each text page from

Product Code: NPSK3
Price: 20.00