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123 Learning is the new trading name for Power of 2 Publishing Ltd.  Our aim is to provide resources that enable everyone to succeed with maths.  We've been established over 16 years and are proud that our books have been used in over 5000 schools in the UK and overseas.

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We really appreciate all feedback given to us at 123 Learning. Here are a few comments about our books.

We are currently using Plus 1 and Power of 2 in Yr 5 and 6 with 3 girls who have really struggled with maths... the best thing about it is that all the girls now say they are enjoying maths!!! And i never thought i would hear them say that... thanks
Joanne Mitchell, St. Andrews Primary School, Surrey

The next few are taken from 'Senco-Forum', an internet discussion group.

"Even more gob-smacking to me is Power of 2 - one boy in my school has made approx 18 months gain in maths in about 4 months! Stunning for those who need lots of over-learning - great at boosting confidence.
Best wishes."
Dill Westerman-Childs
"I was working with an 8 year old pupil of mine yesterday on a page from Power of 2 and realised that she was getting to the answers faster than I could! I think we were adding and subtracting 30 - well she was!"
"We use it in Y5 and Y6 and staff and children love it! One Y6 boy could not, for example, add two single digits without his fingers in September - he can now add any two 2 digit numbers, very quickly. His mental calculations have speeded up, but better than this, he has gone from being someone who was glazed over like a rabbit in headlights, in maths, to being a confident, smiling, laughing member of the class. This is our first year of Power of 2 but I would recommend it wholeheartedly so far."
Senco, Leeds
"I picked up a couple of copies of the maths book Power of 2 at the Education Show, NEC, yesterday. It looks excellent for using with those students who need a lot of over learning to secure concepts in memory.
.....Great little book."
Anne Syme
"I ordered mine on the internet and it came within 2 days. The boy we are trialling it with seems to be making remarkable progress."
Senco, Bradford
"Using this with pupils from years 7 to year 10. They all seem to enjoy it and am now waiting for next years budget to buy another 30!! Our asylum seekers and EAL pupils also enjoy it for the vocabulary."
"I use it with pupils in year 7 upwards and they all seem to enjoy it, even the year 11 pupil. As a bit of fun I have also been using it with my two 6th form refugees who have only been in the country 2 years and are doing GCSE retakes in the hope of getting a C. They think it is fun and are remembering many of the technical expressions quicker."
Head of Learning Support, A Kent High Schoolmaths support books library shot
"We use Power of 2 and are very pleased with it - small tasks, lots of repitition, building on what is known. I wouldn't consider it for pupils younger than Y5, though.
Best wishes.
"A book that has been a gem for my daughter, who is dyscalculic, is the Power of 2 (by David Sharp) works on the same precision as Kumon. It costs about £18 and takes only five - ten minutes per day so can be maintained even in the holidays without a struggle. I can see real improvements in my daughter who was making no connections at all at first. Several of her friends go to Kumon and it works for them, but my daughter wanted a completely home based intervention and this suits us both."

The above is part of a letter sent to an adoption newsletter

"I really enjoy Power of 2 because it makes me learn more and it is fun to do. It is nice to just work with one person and (know) that I can stop and have it explained.
Power of 2 has helped me with maths as it gives me the chance to try again and get it right. I have learned that I'm not scared of hundreds and I know my number bonds to 100 really well.
I can now just think of an answer and say it and get it right. I can work out change from pounds.
I used to be scared of tests and now I think I can do them. I feel happy working with Power of 2 and Plus 1."
Morgan Oak

The Power of 2 book has it's title because of the proven success of 2 people working together. The books stem from the need of some people to have more reinforcement and practice than is often available. On each page of the book there is a "script" for the coach to read, or this could be read by the student. The coach is someone who works alongside the student and supports their learning.