Number Fans and Digit Flips

Maths Fans are now just 99p each (usually £1.25) 

All our fans are made from durable PVC with a wipe-clean surface, suitable for dry-wipe pens.  They have a long-lasting metal rivet.  They're ideal for getting a response from every member of your group.  Each fan is 13cm long.  They are blank on the reverse which makes them ideal to create your own fan.

Maths Fan, 10 petal, 0 - 9

Ten petal number fan, containing the digits 0 - 9. 

Product Code: NF01
Price: 99p each (usually £1.25)

Maths Fan, 20 petal, Double digit

20 petal number fan, containing two of each of the digits 0 - 9. 

Product Code: NF02
Price: 99p each (usually £1.25)

Digit Flip book - 9 pad version

'Show me' digit flip book with unique quick select tab system.

Teachers' Question and answer Flipbook.  Durable and laminated.

Great value with so many uses.

Product Code: NFB9
Price: £14.95 Special Offer! Usually £19.95

Maths Fan, 10 petal, Fraction & Decimal

Ten petal number fan, showing equivalent decimals and fractions. 

Product Code: NF05
Price: 99p each (usually £1.25)

Maths Fan, 10 petal, Blank

Ten petal number fan, blank on both side.  You can customise this fan with a permanent or dry-wipe marker. 

Product Code: NF04
Price: 99p each (usually £1.25)

Maths Fan, 8 petal, coins

This fan is great for using when dealing with money.  Eight petal number fan, printed in full colour, showing each UK coin. 

Product Code: NF07
Price: 99p each (usually £1.25)